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As a vintage lover, I visited many vintage stores and markets, but only recently I start attending Vintage Fairs in London. To be honest I wasn’t even aware of this very nice pop-up events that happen here and there, but then following “Pop_Up_Vintage” on Instagram, I’ve found out that London can never stop to surprise! Thanks social Networks!


The first pop-up vintage fair I visited in London was the one at Alexandra Palace. This is a stunning building with lots of space to host such occasions. The venue is so important to highlight the nature of this purpose, and Alexandra Palace offers a great architecture that perfectly matches the retro theme. Just a few days ago I went to another vintage fair in Hampstead. This one was organised inside St. Stephen’s Rosslyn Hill in Hampstead: a 19th Century French Gothic Church. So perfect!

A vintage fair is like a small portion of paradise for me: I always feel excited and anxious as soon as I arrive at the location! I want to see everything, every single thing, again and again! Yes, I’m a pain for my companions..! I want to make sure I pick the best treasure to take home with me, and sometimes this can be very difficult as I wish I could buy them all.

Trying on a 1950s dress

What to expect: At this fairs you can find various categories such as clothing, accessories, books and many more. When you’re lucky, you can also find pieces of retro fornitures and rarities. My suggestion is to think about clear ideas of what you’d like to buy or at least a general idea such as dresses, jewellery etc. Because the time runs quite quick and you might want to try on clothes and take the right decision before your purchase.

 It is so amazing to find so many antique treasures, to me each single piece has a life itself. I find so fascinating to think about who owned them before? In which occasion they have been used, worn or given to someone? And what they have represented for the owner? I love to have a piece of history with me! In a Vintage Fair you can find all of this precious items and feelings.



My tips: Sometimes sellers show price tags on their items, but this is not necessarily the final cost. You can try to ask what’s the best price they can offer! Just bare in mind that you’re buying something special and antique and that sellers have previously invested their money to buy them.

London offers many choices and events and I’d love to partecipate to all of them! Currently I’m following “Pop Up Vintage Fairs London” as they organize beautiful fairs with some of the best traders from all over UK and Europe. Their venues are special and I’ve never left without a shopping bag! Plus, I’ve met so many lovely people there as everyone is so nice and passionate! Their next fairs are listed on their website within good notice, so no excuses!!


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