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Buying Vintage Clothing can be a real experience for those passionate about old eras. Personally it is something that can make me very happy. I have always loved the idea of wearing something with a history rather than a high street piece that everyone can have. Don’t you think it is exciting to wonder “Who was wearing this dress before and for which occasion?”, “Did anything important happened while they were wearing it?”? This is one of the main reason why buying a vintage item can be so unique.

But what do you have to look for when buying vintage?



Condition and sizing




A point that I’d like to highlight is the difference between vintage and second-hand. Some traders try to sell second-hand clothing pretending that they are vintage. Now, it might still be something that you like and still want to buy, but bare in mind that an original piece from the ’40s, for instance, it can be worth a high price, while a second-hand shirt should be priced accordingly. When shopping clothing from 50/60 years ago, you have to be aware that conditions may not be perfect. If you’re lucky, you can find some dead-stock, however most vintage fabrics are different from today’s manufacturing process, and wear can be an issue.



Usually zips and seams are the main details to look for first. It’s ok to buy a dress or a skirt with a faulty zip, but you would need to check if this can be repaired or replaced. As well as seams: make sure that the fabric is strong enough to be fixed. You don’t want to spend money on a piece which as much as it looks beautiful, is falling apart!

Also very important is the fitting. In the past the sizes were quite different, usually smaller. So if you are a modern size 10, you can be surprised to fit a 12 or a 14 from the ’50s, as the style and shape of the garment differs from modern fitting. In regards to this, I’d also like to mention how important is wearing vintage or vintage-replica lingerie! Modern underwear doesn’t help when it comes to create the famous hourglass shape, while corsets and girdles have the power to enhance the silhouette, and the result is absolutely gorgeous!



Where to buy

Hampstead Pop Up Vintage


London is a great city for vintage shopping. Some areas such as Notting Hill, Hammersmith, Shoreditch offer a wide choice of vintage stores. What I personally love, as I previously mentioned in old posts, are Vintage Fairs, (again my favourites are Pop Up Vintage Fairs). There you can find a mix of knowledgeable traders selling top quality one-off pieces from different eras, so you’re guaranteed to find something you’ll love! It is basically like going into a shopping centre and browsing different brands. Charity shops can also be a great place to find vintage garments, but in this case it’s all about being lucky!






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