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Wearing makeup every day, and all day long, it’s very stressful for the skin. Pores get covered for hours, and this can cause dryness, itching and reddening. Using good products is very important, but they have to be the right one for your needs. And I cannot stress enough about the importance of removing makeup every, every night!!

Said that, I want to give you some tips for lips!


Lips are also an important area to take care of, especially when they are under stress for tons of lipstick. I actually am en expert in this category..tons of lipstick I mean! I cover my lips in Red every single day, with a lot of refill here and there. By nature, my lips can get quite dry, and I hate when, after hours, they get so dehydrated that I can feel pieces of lip lacquer around. So I tried different techniques and products and I have now found the perfect tips for a full and soft pout.

 Step 1 – Scrub!

I scrub my lips every day, twice a day to wipe all the dead cells out. You choose the best way to scrub: there are many techniques, either you prefer something to buy, or homemade. An easy recipe is with granulated sugar:

  • 1 spoon of white or brown sugar
  • 1 spoon of olive or coconut oil

Mix all the ingredients and let it rest for 10 minutes. Then use the mixture to massage your lips simply with your fingers. Rinse and dab with a face towel. The result is an immediate softness, and lips are ready for the next step! Now, that’s a very great way, but as I said, I scrub twice a day, and I don’t have all the time to dedicate. So I use a more rustic way: I rub my lips with a toothbrush. It may sound rude and too rough, but followed by my step 2, it is a fast and good way.

Step 2 – Lipbalm!

To hydrate lips and set them for hours of coverage, lipbalm is what they need! There are many different brands that sell balms and lip products, but in this case you are looking for a deep moisturizer. I personally prefer “chemicals” to natural as I’m lazy and I can’t wait for results to be visible. But in this case I go 100% natural. Please, please read the ingredients! Highly avoid products that contain parabens, paraffinum liquidum and petrolatum. Especially this last one is very bad for your skin, and can easily give allergic reactions. This products give you an immediate sense of hydration, but you will find that your lips will need more and more, because this ingredients stop skin’s transpiration. It’s like having a cap or some film around the lips, and time after time the bad result will show out.

My favourite Lipbalm is from Alba Botanica. This brand offers 100% vegetarian products, and my top one is the coconut flavour. I use this after the scrub, while I apply makeup, and in abundance every night before going to bed. Trust me: a little miracle! I buy mine from Ebay and the price may vary from £4.50* to £6.50*. I used to buy it from Holland & Barrett, but sadly it looks like they don’t stock this brand anymore.

Step 3 – Primer!

A lip primer really helps when using lipstick for several hours. It creates a base to apply the next product easily and smoothly. Primers are quite easy to find in every makeup store. The one I’m currently using is from &Other Stories, and it’s very easy to apply with a simple lip-brush. It costs £10* and lasts for very long as you only need a thin layer.

Step 4 – Lip pencil!

The last step before the lipstick is for the lip pencil. This is not a need for everyone, but I’ve found that it helps the long lasting of the lacquer. My lips don’t take color easily, and most of the times it doesn’t spread homogeneously, especially with light tones. Again, taking in consideration the long lasting effect, the choise of your lip-pencil is important. Try to avoid dry or matte effect, because you still want your lips to breath under each cover. In this case, my favourite one is from MAC Cosmetics. It has a smooth and creamy texture, perfect for lining and filling. You will find that the lipstick will last for a longer time, without drying the lips underneath.

So, are you ready to finally apply your lipstick now?!


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