Vintage Clothing


Buying Vintage Clothing can be a real experience for those passionate about old eras. Personally it is something that can make me very happy. I have always loved the idea of wearing something with a history rather than a high street piece that everyone can have. Don’t you think it is exciting to wonder “Who was wearing this dress before and for which occasion?”, “Did anything important happened while they were wearing it?”? This is one of the main reason why buying a vintage item can be so unique. But what do you have to look for when buying vintage? […]

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Case number 26 Bathtub Gin


I have to admit that I feel quite honoured I have the opportunity to write a post about the “Case number 26 Bathtub Gin”. This is a very exciting event organised by Remixed Vintage UK to help raise money for the Great Ormond Street Hospital. A fabulous 1920’s inspired night of live jazz entertainment with an up to date twist in a splendid secret London speakeasy! Are you gonna be there??!   Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity   Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity it’s a foundation trust since the 1st of March 2012. The hospital works with the UCL Institute of Child Health, and is […]

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Get the 40’s look: Collectif Winifred Fishtail Skirt


It’s not a secret that Collectif is one of my favourite brand. When it comes to vintage inspired clothing they are the best for many reasons. I first discover this brand on a trip to Brighton (Uk), in early 2014. And since then, I never stopped buying! In this post I’d like to talk about one of their evergreen pieces: Collectif Winifred Fishtail Skirt   As a late 30’s/40’s passionare, I usually wear dresses and skirts. To be honest, this design is more a 50’s style. During the 40’s, skirts were very comfortable, feminine and flattering. They were usually matched […]

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