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How many times you’ve found yourself adoring someone else’s perfect makeup? Thinking of spending all of your future salaires to buy the same products that made that skin so flawless?! I’ll tell you a secret: there can’t be any great makeup without the right foundations. I’m talking about making your skin perfect and radiant with the most suitable products. Yes, suitable, because when it comes to epidermis, everyone is very different. That’s why it is important to find the correct beauty products for your needs.

Personally I pay a lot of attention (and yes, money as well!), looking for the best brand, cream or mask. And as for hair products, you might find the need to change typology here and then. Said that, I have found Sisley Paris my favourite brand for skin since over a year. And so far, I’m not thinking to change!!

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Sisley Paris

Sisley Paris is a family company founded in 1976 by the French entrepreneur Hubert D’Ornano. The idea is to mix the power of plants and essential oils, with the modern advanced technology. Their products are available in 5 different Continents, and regardless the price point, they are just incredible. Sisley Paris features different colletions such as “Sisleya”, “Anti-aging”, “Suncare”, Makeup and more. My favourite collection is the

Sisley Paris Black Rose
 Sisley Paris Black Rose Colletion


This collection is one of the newest created by this French brand. It features 3 different products:

  • Black Rose Precious Oil
  • Black Rose Cream Mask
  • Black Rose Skin Infusion Cream (This is the newest “baby” of the family, as it’s been released this summer)





I regularly use 2 of them:

Sisley Paris Black Rose
1. Black Rose Precious Oil.

The BRPO is a wonderful dry oil recommended to hydrate dry or mature skin. The texture is silky and smooth, rich in Omega 3 and 6. This formula promises to nourish, regenerate and protect by providing the essential elements for the skin’s vitality and youthfulness. Honestly, this oil is just magic to me! The result is a visible smooth, soft, hydrated skin. Luckily I don’t have proper wrinkles yet, but I’ve definitely seen an improvement on my fine lines, and in fact this oil also promises to reduce aging signs  within 4 weeks.

My advice: Sisley Paris advises to apply 3 to 7 drops in the morning before makeup routine. I use 4/5 drops as a night routine. I prefer a night treatment because the oil will be absorbed completely and I can avoid an ugly  greasy effect during the day. *Carefully avoid the area arond the eyes*


Sisley Paris Black Rose
2. Black Rose Cream Mask

The BRCM is been formulated to instantly provide the skin with a youthful and energised look. This mask is rich in active anti-aging ingredients which together work against signs of fatigue. As per the Precious Oil, this cream mask is a mini miracle! The results are an immediate radiance and lightness with your skin been visibly plumped and hydrated. The texture is a smooth, mousse-ish, soft cream, pink in color and and well scented with rose. *Carefully avoid the area around the eyes*

My advice:  Sisley Paris advises to apply a thick layer 2/3 times a week for 10 to 15 minutes, then wipe away the eccess. Instead, I prefer to use it once a week before going to bed (in this case I don’t use the Precious Oil), and let the layer on for the whole night. The result is a brilliant, plumped skin, ready for daily routines and for makeup to be applied.

I am definitely in love with Sisley Paris, and I’ll be buying soon the third product to review. A cons of this brand is the price point. Don’t take me wrong, it is 100% worth, but for some pockets (such as mine!), it is an investment. On the other hand, even using them on a daily basis, I can guarantee their long lasting. And the results can only leave you happy, ready to show off YOUR flawless makeup!



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