Setting lotions: Suavecita & Lottabody review


Unless you have dreamy hair, able to hold any style with just a little hairspray, you’ll probably need some help to get your locks set. And, if you’ve read my previous posts, you also know that my fine, flat hair are quite unsupportive in terms of holding the desired style..

So time after time, I’ve tried different tricks. I’ve found some of them very good for a while, to then be unsatisfied again and start looking for new methods. One of the firsts “products” I tried was sea water, well, normal still water with an addition of salt! I always liked the natural waves the beach can give to your hair! Yes, your hair, because to my hair the effect is like a wet hedgehog, nice right?! So I used the homemade mixture for a couple of months to set my hair while using overnight sponge rollers, and it did kind of work, but then I realised that my hair were getting very dry, especially the ends. So I moved into various different products, such Elvive, Umberto Giannini, Toni&Guy etc.. All very good products but I was looking for the wow effect.IMG_8289

Then I discovered Lottabody setting lotion by Revlon. This is a water based professional concentrated formula, which really helps to set pincurls and hold the desired shape. The

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Lottabody by Revlon

bottle comes in 2 sizes, I believe. I bought the 15oz/ 450ml for only £4.90* on Ebay , and it did last for over 6 months. It smells like an old hairdresser shop, not very sure how to describe it better sorry! It promises to give bouncing beautiful body with rich, silken texture. As this product is concentrated, it is recommended to dilute 1 part product with 3 parts water. On my hair I use 1.5 part of Lottabody with 2.5 parts of water as they need more strenght. I suggest to use a spray bottle so that it is easier to apply the product on your hair. Then, easy: on dry hair divide them in small locks, brush them to remove any possible tangle, spray Lottabody, brush again to spread the product all over the lock, then pincurl or use your sponge roll or any other tool. The result is very good! When you free your locks, curls will stay in their shape, ready to get brushed out and styled. You might feel your hair a little bit crunchy, but as you brush them, they’ll get very soft and workable.


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Suavecita Grooming Spray

Another amazing product I can’t live without is Suavecita Grooming Spray. As other Suavecita ‘s products, this is also water based and it smells sooo good! It reminds me watermelon somehow. I buy my grooming spray again from Ebay, but it is easy to find on Amazon, or even on Suavecita ‘s website. The price is around £14.95* for the 8oz/ 237 ml bottle, more expensive than Lottabody, but this products are designed for the perfect pinup look! To be honest, it does last quite a long time as well, I’m talking abut 2 months on a daily use base. It works as the other lotion, easy to spray directly on your fry hair before pincurling them or rolling into a sponge roll. Also this lotion is ready to use, no need to dilute. The difference are:


  • Suavecita smells very nice and the fragrance stays into your hair for days (this on the other hand it is such a sweet smell ant it can easily be a little too much)
  • the hair are less crunchy compared to the Lottabody result. With Lottabody it’s important to dilute the right amount of product because if you put too much lotion, your hair will give a plastic feeling
  • I feel it is easier to brush out with Suavecita grooming spray.



I hope this post was exhaustive enough, but please feel free to ask any question you might have! Are you ready to try this 2 great products?!

Darling Le Glam



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