Lindy Bop’s Tiffany dress review


I cannot describe how much I love dresses! This is definitely my favorite category of clothing, and they’re never enough! Recently I made my first RTW purchase at Lindy Bop, and I can happily say that it won’t be the last time. I am not a trousers person, even if I like them I don’t feel confident and I don’t like the way they fit my short figure. So I mainly wear dresses and  skirts. That’s why I’ve choosed 2 dresses from Lindy Bop’s new collection range. Honestly this is been quite hard as their selection is very nice! The […]

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Vintage Fairs in London


As a vintage lover, I visited many vintage stores and markets, but only recently I start attending Vintage Fairs in London. To be honest I wasn’t even aware of this very nice pop-up events that happen here and there, but then following “Pop_Up_Vintage” on Instagram, I’ve found out that London can never stop to surprise! Thanks social Networks!   The first pop-up vintage fair I visited in London was the one at Alexandra Palace. This is a stunning building with lots of space to host such occasions. The venue is so important to highlight the nature of this purpose, and Alexandra […]

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Setting lotions: Suavecita & Lottabody review


Unless you have dreamy hair, able to hold any style with just a little hairspray, you’ll probably need some help to get your locks set. And, if you’ve read my previous posts, you also know that my fine, flat hair are quite unsupportive in terms of holding the desired style.. So time after time, I’ve tried different tricks. I’ve found some of them very good for a while, to then be unsatisfied again and start looking for new methods. One of the firsts “products” I tried was sea water, well, normal still water with an addition of salt! I always […]

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Cold Cream review


Makeup is a daily routine for me, I actually don’t leave my house if I am not wearing at least eyeliner and Mascara. I start using makeup regularly since I was 16 years old, I liked the effect that a black line and a little mascara were able to give to my glance, and since then I improved my techniques of choosing products, tools etc. However makeup is not the topic of this post, as I would like to talk about how to take care of your skin when using cosmetics on a daily basis!   First of all I’d […]

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A vintage Soul


Many times people ask me why I dress in this different clothes, how do I style my hair and where do I find the time to do them?! In an era and a city that are based on fast/quick/run, they must think that I am crazy, or that I really don’t have anything else to do or simply that I want to be showy. Well, all wrong! Have you ever felt like you were meant to be somewhere else? Now I’d like you to listen to this song while you keep reading.. Can you feel that? This warm feeling inside, […]

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My hair like it lustrous!

If you also live the Vintage dream, you’ll agree with me when I say that hairstyling is what takes the most time and effort. In my case this is 100% reality as I always had very, very flat and fine hair with not will to hold any combing, doens’t matter how much you try. Still, I am a fighter and when I want something nothing can stop me! So even if I haven’t reached my standards yet in terms of combing, I can tell you that I’ve found some products that are very good to keep your locks healthy and […]

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A glamorous soul in 2017

Hello everyone! Welcome to my very first blog which I’m very excited about! This blog wants to be a platform to share comments, reviews and impressions and particularly to create a connection with all of you dear vintage lovers! I am a glamorous soul from the 40s, holding tight to the elegance and femininity of those years that are now lost in 2017. From hair to makeup, clothing and accessories and a nip of sassy-classy allure, this is a small window into my vintage inspired life! Hope you will enjoy and I’m very looking forward to connect with you!   […]

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