My hair like it lustrous!

If you also live the Vintage dream, you’ll agree with me when I say that hairstyling is what takes the most time and effort. In my case this is 100% reality as I always had very, very flat and fine hair with not will to hold any combing, doens’t matter how much you try.

Still, I am a fighter and when I want something nothing can stop me! So even if I haven’t reached my standards yet in terms of combing, I can tell you that I’ve found some products that are very good to keep your locks healthy and glossy. Ready?!

Through the years I have tried so many products and brands, buying from drugstores brands such as Herbal Essence, Elvive, Tresemme  but also from professional brands such as Shu Uemura , Wella and Redken . I’ve found some of them quite good but not enough to stop my research. It is also true that hair get used to products, so it is good to give them a change here and there.

The result is that I have finally fallen in love with 2 brands which together make a great teamwork to clean, reinforce and restore my hair, giving also some volume to my flat head. I am talking about Kérastse and Aussie , the first is a professional brand, the other a drugstore product.


Kérastase Resistance Volumifique shampoo is a creamy shampoo designed to give your hair volume and body by thickening them, and it makes them very shiny. I usually buy the 1L bottle cause the price is quite good and it does last me for over 6 months, as like almost all the professioal hair products, you need a very tiny quantity to wash your hair. Going back to the price, I find eBay the best place to buy it from and it costs between £27-£32 per bottle includin p&p, so not too bad. I have also tried the thickening effect gel treatment, but to be honest I don’t love it that much because fine hair gets tangled so easily and I’ve found this gel not helpful at all. Kérastase is a French luxury brand and it’s part of L’Oreal.


Aussie it’s an American brand, which is believed to be Australian because of the natural ingredients found from the Country itself. This products smell like heaven and give your hair an incredible softness and beautiful lasting fragrance. I use the Volume Conditioner to match my Kèrastase shampoo, and I make sure I only treat my ends to leave the roots lightweight. Also, after aggressive teasing and tons of hairspray I find very useful the 3 Minutes Miracle Reconstructor which is a deep tratment. Again, it smells so good, very sweet and relaxing! On top of that, I use the Aussie 3 Miracle Oil on my ends on a daily basis to avoid split ends. This is a lightweight oil treatment made with Australian Macadamia nut oil, Jojoba seed oil and Avocado oil, so it works great to protect your ends after brushing sessions. The price point here is very good, Aussie it’s available at Boots, Superdrug, or any other health&beauty retailer and it goes from £4 the small size of shampoo and conditioner to £9.99 for the Reconstructor oil.


So, this are my favourites products to give some volume and love to my fine hair, which one are your favourites?!

                                                 Darling Le Glam



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