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I cannot describe how much I love dresses! This is definitely my favorite category of clothing, and they’re never enough! Recently I made my first RTW purchase at Lindy Bop, and I can happily say that it won’t be the last time.

I am not a trousers person, even if I like them I don’t feel confident and I don’t like the way they fit my short figure. So I mainly wear dresses and  skirts. That’s why I’ve choosed 2 dresses from Lindy Bop’s new collection range. Honestly this is been quite hard as their selection is very nice! The dress I’m going to review for you is their “Tiffany” 1950’s collared pencil dress.

Lindy Bop’s Tiffany dress

When I firstly tried this dress on I felt so happy! The fitting is just perfect on my silhouette, and it gives such a classy touch and allure. “Tiffany” is made from a soft stretch fabric which helps to create the perfect hourglass figure, and features a fitted pencil skirt with a comfortable split at the back, and a flattering round neckline. The tea length skirt makes the dress perfect to wear in a business-office environment but this dress is so classy that I find it perfect for many other occasions such as meetings, events, etc..

What I like the most of this dress are the details: decorative buttons are applied on the contrasted color collar, sleeves and pocket flaps. With one long hidden zip on the back, it is easy to wear even when your hair are in a perfect hairdo! “Tiffany” is a reproduction of the popular 1950’s pencil dresses, remarked by the typical rounded  shoulder line that enanches a glamorous silhouette, and by the large buttons that are part of the statement and not just utility. You will also love the peter pan collar detail at the back!

My personal touch:

This dress is very simple, but at the same time is so elegant, so I decided to style it in a perfect 50’s style and I felt like a kind of modern Jackie Kennedy!

  • Hair styled in a classic 50’s pageboy. As a matter of fact I like to wear hair cips, so for this dress I’ve choosed a simple one in gold with a pearl to match necklace and earrings.
  • Gloves with buttons details on the wristlet. Gloves were a proper part of the statement in that era, and women used to match them with all other accessories.
  • Handbag matching the contrasting color of the dress
  • Vintage court shoes with peep-toe. Same color of the bag and the gloves
  • As I love the drammatic style of the 40’s, I decided to combine a coat with a faux fur all around the  neckline. But I can perfectly see this dress with a Cape Coat, a beautiful fur or a stole.
  • Back seamed stockings. A must for the vintage look!

Tiffany 1950’s collared pencil wiggle dress is made of 95% Polyester 5% Elastane. The price is £30* on Lindy bop’s website.

Tiffany dress

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