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Fashion between the 40’s and the 50’s was incredible in terms of creativity, newness, bold silhouettes and prints. Glamour hit the the top and everything was about details. That’s why I find Lindy Bop’s Emma dress a beautiful reproduction of an original style of those years. As a result you can’t avoid to fell in love with it!



After been amazed by LB’s “Tiffany”, I am now infatuated with their “Emma” dress. This style features a fitted pencil style silhouette, with a tight waist and pleated detail, recalling the early 50’s bell draped shape. The bodice is tailored and fitted, but the skirt starts out gathered at the waist, to create a draped effect that reminds an open fan.



In this dress the details are leading: the collar is high neck, with a knot and a keyhole in the front fastened by 3 tiny buttons at the back. This kind of neckline was very popular during those mid-century decades as well as the featured cap sleeves. Yet, reinforced by the fitted waist, they perfectly help to enhance the hourglass silhouette. As previously mentioned, the middle of this dress is puffed out around the hips, tapered back in, and then fitted again at the calf.  However, due to the rear split, it is easy to move smoothly.


“Emma” features a nostalgic colorful floral print all over the fabric. This dress is a stand-alone piece! I would recommend to wear it for a brunch or an afternoon tea, but it is also perfect for a classic old-style dinner.


My personal touch:

I am a 1940’s glam passionate, therefore I love the dramatic look of the old Hollywood stars. And I think this dress is perfect to re-create the style!

  • Hair styled in a vintage inspired Pompadour and soft curls. All clipped with contrasted color flower clips. Yes I’m one of those who love flower clips to adorn hair!
  • Vintage inspired hat with birdcage veil.
  • Long black satin gloves. Gloves were very important to finish the look and women never leave their house without a matching pair.
  • Original Vintage c1930’s wristlet clutch.
  • To make the look very dramatic, I chose to match “Emma” witg my vintage fur. This is a beautiful bargain bought at the last Vintage Fair I visited. However you’re not into furs, then I’d suggest you a cape or an A-line coat.
  • Slingbacks Peep toe heels (they also are from Lindy Bop).
  • Back seamed stockings as a must!



“Emma Black Nostalgic Floral Print Pencil Dress” ia made of 100% Polyester and it costs £35* on Lindy Bop’s website.


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