Get the 40’s look: Collectif Winifred Fishtail Skirt


It’s not a secret that Collectif is one of my favourite brand. When it comes to vintage inspired clothing they are the best for many reasons. I first discover this brand on a trip to Brighton (Uk), in early 2014. And since then, I never stopped buying! In this post I’d like to talk about one of their evergreen pieces:

Collectif Winifred Fishtail Skirt


As a late 30’s/40’s passionare, I usually wear dresses and skirts. To be honest, this design is more a 50’s style. During the 40’s, skirts were very comfortable, feminine and flattering. They were usually matched with their own blazer, as tailored suits were very popular. However I find that Winifred can eaily fit an earlier look if matched with the right pieces!

One of the thing I love the most of those years, is that regardless the hard historical moment, women were women. They refused to be let down by the difficulties that might have occurred. They looked glamorous didn’t metter what.


Collectif Winifred Fishtail Skirt

Going back to Collectif and their beautiful skirt, let’s have a look at it’s features:

  • Winifred is an evergreen Collectif Mainline piece. It comes in every season, however some details might change
  • It is a very good price point. It’s £27.00* on Collectfif website
  • It’s made from a very stretchy material which enanches your silhouette
  • The ruffle at the hem gives focus to your waist and knees, giving you that classic hour-glass shape
  • And the stretching material is suitable for any body shape

Winifred is an easy-wear black skirt, sometimes it also comes in different colors such as red. From my point of view, it is a quite versatile piece and she can be worn for a day to night – casual to classic style.


My personal touch:

As mentioned before, this is a pretty easy piece. If you do not like the vintage style, you can still match with any blouse, top or knitwear and it will still look fab! I obviously want to highlight the dramatic glamour of “my era”!

Collectif Winifred Fishtail Skirt

I’ve choosed a Collectif short sleeves blouse in a floral print. “Tura” is another statement piece, featuring a charming pussy bow tie detail and pearlescent mushroom buttons. Again, details were, and are, everything! That’s why I decided to match Winifred with Collectif Jemima hat in red, (perfectly matching the flowers on the blouse), and a pair of long black gloves. Ideally a suit blazer would finish the look, but as you might now know, I love capes, so I matched the whole outfit within. Backseamed stockings as a must, and a nice pair of slingbacks: ready to travel back in time!


Winifred Fishtail Skirt is part of Collectif Mainline. It’s made of: 50% Polyester 30% Nylon 17% Cotton 3% Spandex. On Collectif website they advice to machine wash at 30 Degrees.


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Collectif Winifred Fishtail Skirt

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