Get the 40’s look: 5 must have!


The perfect vintage look requires a lot of work in a modern life. It is not always easy to keep the style, especially if, like me, you have a “normal” job. But here are some tips for a good start!

When it’s not possible to create the full look, you can still fascinate others with some charming bits. I’d like to show you my 5 must-have for the classic 1940’s look!

1. Lipstick!

get-the-40s-look-5must-haveOf course we all know that the 40’s were not only about glamour. But despite all the difficulties, women refused to surrender. And as a matter of fact, I actually think that the 40’s represented the lipstick decade! The must is definitely Red: rich, deep, orchid, coral, as long as it’s red it’s perfect!

At the moment, my favourite one is Maybelline 645 – Red Revival.  This is part of the “Color Sensational” collection, that features a full color range. I love this lipstick for the long lasting formula but also because it doesn’t dry. Wearing lipstick all day long can dry lips, and I’m not a fan of this annoying effect.


There are many other brands you can choose your lipstick from. Besame Cosmetics is definitely one I’d like to try. They offer a range of genuine replicas for each decade from 1910’s until 1970’s, isn’t it amazing?!

2. Hairspray!

What can I say? Each single lady passionate about vintage knows that Hairspray is the key! Honestly, this is probably the product I buy the most, and I also always carry a mini bottle in my bag.. As the opposite of these days, where hair are meant to be styled in a pretending-to-be-natural look, in the 40’s hair looked perfect. Women had to start working as men were due to serve their military duty. However they create new hairstyles, and they looked as glamorous as ever.

Most of the vintage hairdos require a good back-combing, and a specific brush-out. As waves are not always natural, then you need to fix them with a copious quantity of hairspray. Again there are so many different brands to choose from, and many different type of hair to satisfy. I personally tried several brands and types and I feel happy to recommend L’Oreal Elnett. The top one is the Supreme Hold: I use it both to help styling the brush-out and to hold the hairdo at the end. Try it!

3. Stockings!

get-the-40s-look-5-must-have-5Well, I’d probably should say Lingerie in general as stockings don’t stay up themselves! If you like the typical hourglass silhouette, then you need the right foundations. Modern lingerie is not recommended under vintage clothing, as shapes were different. Back-seamed stockings are a must: if you can’t wear them on a daily basis, you still need some in your closet. In the 40’s, during the war time, women used to drawing a back line with any houshold, such as coffee, charcoal etc..

I personally find this back-seam detail very attractive and completing the look. Even tho they are not that fashionable now, it is still quite easy to buy. In terms of vintage inspired lingierie and obviously hoisery, my favourite brand is What Katie Did Uk. They offer a full range of vintage replica pieces, including corsets, girdles, and loungwear. And trust me: they’re beautiful!

4. Heels!

get-the-40s-look-5-must-have-6Right, here there’s quite a lot to say. In the reality of the 40’s, fabrics and materials were also rationed in order to prioritize the war. As women start working, shoes had to change shape and get more comfortable and safe. The beautiful peep-toe (which I love), disappeared for a while because it was considered dangerous and impractical in a work environment, especially factories. Heels became short and chunky and wedges got very popular.

Now, the lucky part of living in this modern days, is that we can take the only the best from the past! To me heels are a must to complete every outfit. My favourites are peep-toes (as mentioned before), slingbacks, pumps, T-bars, ankle strap, well sorry all of them! If you’re looking for great vintage replicas, then you should try with “Royal Vintage”, “B.A.I.T. footwear”, “Miss L Fire”, or “Lulu Hun”. There are many other brands that offer nice reproductions, keep an eye out!

And last but not least:

5. Glamour!

This is something you can’t buy, but definitely can make it happen! It doesn’t matter if you like vintage or not, you’re a Woman!! I’ve seen so many beautiful, good looking, elegant ladies  around, but then, the way they move or speak it’s just so appalling. Class it’s not water, you can’t buy it.

  • Speak politely, there’s no need to be rude
  • Moderate the tone of the voice, there’s no need to be loud either
  • Walk graciously
  • Smile

These are just a few recommendations I can give. After all it’s not all about a pretty dress!



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