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After a long break, I’m finally blogging again! I’ve been thinking about a new topic for a while, and suddenly I came across “House of Drewvid”.

If this is not the first time you’re reading my blog, you know that I love Vintage Fairs, and that I always try me best not to loose any event in London. (As mentioned in previous posts, the bests are the ones organised by Pop Up Vintage Fairs). The latest one was one of the most enjoyable under many expects: the location (the Walthamstow Assembly Hall), is one of the nicest one. I had the honour to listen to the beautiful “London Belles” live and meet some of my favourite traders. Without taking away any value to that, I have to admit that the best part of the event was meeting David and Andrew, owners and creators of “House of Drewvid”.

House of Drewvid

From their website – The House of Drewvid is the brainchild of married couple David Dorling and Andrew Simonin.
Both David and Andrew wanted to bring their combined experience of over 20 years working with wigs and period hair within the British TV, filming industry and theatre land and combine that with their love of fabulous hair both vintage and modern to the rest of the world. –

When I found out that I could have my hair professionally vintage done at the fair, I could’t contain myself! My hair are always challenging, and having vintage hairdos it’s still a dream. I obviously booked a slot, but I could not imagine yet how amazing the whole experience was going to be!

Hose-Of-Drewvid-4I met David and Andrew in their own private room, all set in a perfect old Hollywood glamorous atmosphere. Vintage feathers placed on top of a glass cabinet, wigs with retro hairdos in front of the super lighted mirrors..Glenn Miller playing in the background. I really felt back in time, getting ready to film my scene in some old movie!

Both David and Andrew are lovely guys, sharing their passion for what they do and with unlimited patience. I, of course loved to have my hair done, but spending time with them was a real pleasure!

From their website – After training with world famous Steiner group Andrew went on to open his own salon where he was both colourist and stylist alongside his business partner. After several years in the salon he decided to move on to pastures new into the West End, deep in theatre land where he worked on many productions including Les Miserables, Phantom of the Opera, Hairspray and the Sound of Music to say the least. From theatre he made the leap into the British filming industry and began his career on Young Victoria and continues to work alongside some of the top British hairdressers and makeup artists the industry has to offer. David trained at world renowned Mahogany Hairdressing based in Mayfair London where he learnt fine art precision cutting and developed a love for the styling and hair up side of hairdressing. After several years at Mahogany he made the leap to go freelance. He started off mainly in the editorial world of magazines and fashion shoots before being approached for TV work and commercials. Then the stars aligned and he met Andrew. Andrew introduced him to the world of the British filming industry where he has since worked on many films from the recent Florence Foster Jenkins, Madonna’s W.E, Captain America and the epic Star Wars latest addition.Together Andrew and David have developed a passion for glamorous period hair over the years and cannot wait to share all their experience, knowledge and passion with You!!! – 


It’s all about the set and brush-out

I was shocked to find out that after years of experience, those two guys have also created their own line of Hair products! You can find a selection of Pomades and Sprays on their website, for very reasonable prices. I bought myself a setting lotion spray, which works incredibly well on my hair.

The “Marcel Spray” it’s a fast drying, and extremely strong, fixing spray, perfect for “hair up” or freezing any number of wild creations. As Andrew was using this products on my hair, he explained that it is great on wet hair before blow-dry because it helps control the super soft, silky effect that my hair tends to have. But it is also great as setting lotion when pin-curling and as hairspray to set the whole hairdo. I could not believe how my hair kept the beautiful Betty Grable inspired hair, without the plastic effect that the tons of hairspray I usually need, gives them. The Marcel Spray it’s definitely a product I want to recommend: it is fantastic! It also smells so nice, and finally you don’t risk to faint after kilos of hairsprays.

The House of Drewvid also offers different services such as Bridal hair, Barber, Wig Dressing etc.. Please have a look at their website, and I am sure you will fell in love in just one click! I was begging them to start classes, because with their charisma and passion they could be amazing teachers even for thick-learner like finger crossed!

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