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Makeup is a daily routine for me, I actually don’t leave my house if I am not wearing at least eyeliner and Mascara. I start using makeup regularly since I was 16 years old, I liked the effect that a black line and a little mascara were able to give to my glance, and since then I improved my techniques of choosing products, tools etc. However makeup is not the topic of this post, as I would like to talk about how to take care of your skin when using cosmetics on a daily basis!



First of all I’d never stop to repeat: REMOVE YOU MAKEUP EVERY NIGHT!! You don’t know how much you can ruin eyelashes, skin, pores etc if you don’t give your face some rest!! Then, said that, it’s time to find the right makeup remover for your needs.

Following my vintage passion, I’ve found Pond’s Cold Cream one of the greatest product to remove all traces of makeup and have a soft, hydrated and flawless skin.
Pond’s is a brand of beauty and health care products founded firstly as a patent medicine in 1846 in the Usa, to then introduce by the twentieth century a bigger emphasis in cosmetic products such as The Pond’s Vanishing Cream and The Pond’s Cold Cream. Which is the product I’d like to talk you through here



During these modern days, the Pond’s products are still available, but unfortunately not all of them, and the ones available are not very easy to find. I buy my Cold Cream from my local Boots, or sometimes even from Tesco for a price as small as £3.25* per 50ml bottle. This is the current conteiner and how the cream appears:

The cream looks like a mousse, the texture is soft and frothy, and it smells like roses. It takes me back in time when I was a child and used to play at my granma’s house where everything had a slight fragrance of roses and somehow old. I actually love all the fragrances with a strong note of ancient times.

Back to the product the best way to use it is to apply a coat of cream into your face and start treating yourself with a skin massage in order to relax and enjoy the fragrance first, and then to help the melting action. One minute is the ideal time to allow the efficiency of this formula.



I really recommend not to use water, toilet paper nor other kind of tissue paper as this product is very heavy and rich. What you need instead, are cotton balls (or cotton pads), or a face towel (which is my favourite because of the texture that absorbs the extra product off your face) – In case you want to try the towel, make sure you wash it after every use and possibly by itself, as again, the product is quite rich and you don’t want it all around your clothes!

Why do I love Pond’s Cold Cream? After only few times I’ve found my skin fresher, reinvigorated, softer, smoother and much more luminous. The makeup comes out completely and set the skin ready for your night routines! So, are you ready to give it a try?!

Darling Le Glam


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