Vintage Clothing


Buying Vintage Clothing can be a real experience for those passionate about old eras. Personally it is something that can make me very happy. I have always loved the idea of wearing something with a history rather than a high street piece that everyone can have. Don’t you think it is exciting to wonder “Who was wearing this dress before and for which occasion?”, “Did anything important happened while they were wearing it?”? This is one of the main reason why buying a vintage item can be so unique. But what do you have to look for when buying vintage? […]

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A vintage Soul


Many times people ask me why I dress in this different clothes, how do I style my hair and where do I find the time to do them?! In an era and a city that are based on fast/quick/run, they must think that I am crazy, or that I really don’t have anything else to do or simply that I want to be showy. Well, all wrong! Have you ever felt like you were meant to be somewhere else? Now I’d like you to listen to this song while you keep reading.. Can you feel that? This warm feeling inside, […]

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A glamorous soul in 2017

Hello everyone! Welcome to my very first blog which I’m very excited about! This blog wants to be a platform to share comments, reviews and impressions and particularly to create a connection with all of you dear vintage lovers! I am a glamorous soul from the 40s, holding tight to the elegance and femininity of those years that are now lost in 2017. From hair to makeup, clothing and accessories and a nip of sassy-classy allure, this is a small window into my vintage inspired life! Hope you will enjoy and I’m very looking forward to connect with you!   […]

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