House of Drewvid


After a long break, I’m finally blogging again! I’ve been thinking about a new topic for a while, and suddenly I came across “House of Drewvid”. If this is not the first time you’re reading my blog, you know that I love Vintage Fairs, and that I always try me best not to loose any event in London. (As mentioned in previous posts, the bests are the ones organised by Pop Up Vintage Fairs). The latest one was one of the most enjoyable under many expects: the location (the Walthamstow Assembly Hall), is one of the nicest one. I had the […]

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Get the 40’s look: 5 must have!


The perfect vintage look requires a lot of work in a modern life. It is not always easy to keep the style, especially if, like me, you have a “normal” job. But here are some tips for a good start! When it’s not possible to create the full look, you can still fascinate others with some charming bits. I’d like to show you my 5 must-have for the classic 1940’s look! 1. Lipstick! Of course we all know that the 40’s were not only about glamour. But despite all the difficulties, women refused to surrender. And as a matter of […]

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Tips for lips!


Wearing makeup every day, and all day long, it’s very stressful for the skin. Pores get covered for hours, and this can cause dryness, itching and reddening. Using good products is very important, but they have to be the right one for your needs. And I cannot stress enough about the importance of removing makeup every, every night!! Said that, I want to give you some tips for lips! Lips are also an important area to take care of, especially when they are under stress for tons of lipstick. I actually am en expert in this category..tons of lipstick I […]

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Sisley Paris Black Rose collection review


How many times you’ve found yourself adoring someone else’s perfect makeup? Thinking of spending all of your future salaires to buy the same products that made that skin so flawless?! I’ll tell you a secret: there can’t be any great makeup without the right foundations. I’m talking about making your skin perfect and radiant with the most suitable products. Yes, suitable, because when it comes to epidermis, everyone is very different. That’s why it is important to find the correct beauty products for your needs. Personally I pay a lot of attention (and yes, money as well!), looking for the […]

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Setting lotions: Suavecita & Lottabody review


Unless you have dreamy hair, able to hold any style with just a little hairspray, you’ll probably need some help to get your locks set. And, if you’ve read my previous posts, you also know that my fine, flat hair are quite unsupportive in terms of holding the desired style.. So time after time, I’ve tried different tricks. I’ve found some of them very good for a while, to then be unsatisfied again and start looking for new methods. One of the firsts “products” I tried was sea water, well, normal still water with an addition of salt! I always […]

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Cold Cream review


Makeup is a daily routine for me, I actually don’t leave my house if I am not wearing at least eyeliner and Mascara. I start using makeup regularly since I was 16 years old, I liked the effect that a black line and a little mascara were able to give to my glance, and since then I improved my techniques of choosing products, tools etc. However makeup is not the topic of this post, as I would like to talk about how to take care of your skin when using cosmetics on a daily basis!   First of all I’d […]

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My hair like it lustrous!

If you also live the Vintage dream, you’ll agree with me when I say that hairstyling is what takes the most time and effort. In my case this is 100% reality as I always had very, very flat and fine hair with not will to hold any combing, doens’t matter how much you try. Still, I am a fighter and when I want something nothing can stop me! So even if I haven’t reached my standards yet in terms of combing, I can tell you that I’ve found some products that are very good to keep your locks healthy and […]

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