Bobò Chèrie: Vintage Inspired Accessories all Made in Italy


We all know that an outfit isn’t complete without the perfect matching accessories, and when it comes to vintage it’s everything about details! Sometimes finding the right piece can be frustrating as original brooches, rings etc are unique, and this is when you need to look around for a great replica. In this post I am happy to talk you through one of my favourite Vintage Inspired Accessories brand all made in Italy: Bobò Chèrie!

I casually found Bobò Chèrie browsing on my Instagram Account: her accessories were so colourful and authentic that I’ve been captured! Couldn’t stop browsing her wide range of necklaces, hair accessories, bangles etc and lately I’ve even found out that she is also lovely!


But who is Bobò Chèrie?

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This sophisticated Italian lady, found her passion for the 40s vintage style around the age of 16, when reading through an old 1940s fashion magazines, she’s got inspired and sewed her first bell-shaped skirt. A few years later she decided to move to Germany where she discovered a rockabilly and and psychobilly magazine called “Dynamite”. Since then, she discovered a new world, that was not only about clothes, but even more about music! She is still proudly collecting a page from Dynamite sponsoring the Summer Jamboree Festival with Dita Von Teese as special guest! With a luggage full of inspiration, she then came back to her home town in Sardinia, where she started a “cut&sew” course to make all of those dresses and skirts that she could only find on magazines. Her natural artistic and creative skills came out again, when she found a way to use all the remaining fabrics to make headscarves, bows and hair-flowers. Jumping into 40s and 50s inspired accessories was then very easy, and this is how the Bobò Chèrie brand was born! This name was inspired by a friend who used to call her Bobò, a cute name used in Sardinia for sweets. In 2011 she started her online business which is now very famous and successful especially in USA, Germany, UK, France and Europe in general. As she has mentioned, creating accessories is a passion that choose her rather than the other way around, and now is a real necessity to carry on making beautiful pieces!!


Where to find Bobò Chèrie?

Bobò Chèrie’s store is on Etsy, with a wide range of hair-flowers, earrings, bracelets, necklaces etc. The price vary from £6.50 to £21, and all of this beautiful creations are unique!! Instagram is also a great platform to check her new accessories out.




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Bobo Cherie


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