A vintage Soul


Many times people ask me why I dress in this different clothes, how do I style my hair and where do I find the time to do them?! In an era and a city that are based on fast/quick/run, they must think that I am crazy, or that I really don’t have anything else to do or simply that I want to be showy. Well, all wrong! Have you ever felt like you were meant to be somewhere else?

Now I’d like you to listen to this song while you keep reading..

Can you feel that? This warm feeling inside, like this is the only music you have been listening to. The sultry notes, the deep voice, everything is so intense don’t you think? How can I feel so nostalgic about something I haven’t experienced personally? How can I not be there?!!

It is not only about a pretty dress, or a structured haircomb, it’s a deep feeling of nostalgia, this is my vintage soul, this is why I belong to another era. An era of glamour and charm and allure.

Darling Le Glam


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