A Merry Vintage Fair: my latest treasures!


You all know that I am a Vintage Fairs lover! The events organised by pop-up-vintage-fairs are still the best in town: have you visited them yet?

Recently I’ve been thrilled to see their new location at the Walthamstow Assembly Hall. This was such a beautiful place, in a building that, again, perfectly matched the pourpose! A magical atmosphere warmed me up, I was surrounded by rare treasures, and yet beautiful people. Yes, because this events are not only to make purchases, but to meet lovely new individuals. So, as the new event is coming up soon, I want to show you my latest acquisitions, so that I can tempt you enough to make an appearance!

Walthamstow Assembly Hall

Location: Walthamstow Assembly Hall, Town Hall, Forest Road E17 4JF

a-merry-vintage-fair-4November started with an event at this brilliant new location. I feel like the East End needed a vintage shake! And in fact, the venue was very busy. My outfit for the day was a classic 40’s inspired mix of skirt and top. Ideally this was to be worn with a pair of long black gloves, and my beloved cape, but hey, this is London! It was quite cold, so I opted for a coat. The skirt is part of the newest H&M collection, but the wiggle style with the buttons down details, make it very retro. That was matched with an old H&M top, made to highlight the waistline.


The goal for the day was to buy a dressing table set that was on hold for me since September! My favourite old treasures provider Bridget @Bettys_Bygone_Bazaar, have been so kind to keep this safe for me for so long. Again, what I like the most of this fairs, is meeting very nice and friendly souls. Bridget is just one of those. She started her business with the idea of sharing beautiful pieces that deserve to be worn rather than hidden in some box or attic. I always find some good charm when I visit her!

Could I just leave with one purchase? Of course no. Browsing and browsing I came across an incredible pair of shoes in perfect condition and in my tiny size! If this was not fate?! They are the most amazing 1940’s comfortable shoes I managed to buy so far. In addition, I’ve also found a cute hat with net: such a classic piece. Vintage hats are an incredible satisfaction to me!

The day went quick, I left happy and satisfied, also because I knew that another fair was due in only 2 weeks..

Alexandra Palace

Location: Alexandra Palace, Alexandra Palace Way, London, N22 7AY

a-merry-vintage-fair-21Right, the first time I visited this place I arrived very late, and this is a huge space that can really fit many stalls. The aim for the day was to leave with a vintage cardi, some winter clothing and possibly some home decor. In this occasion, I opted for a Collectif dress. A beautiful faux fur trimmed pencil dress in all black. Honestly, this gown makes the job itself: it is such a sophisticated piece, that no accessories are needed.



a-merry-vintage-fair-18I might have looked like a child in a Carousel while browsing between the stalls! My first purchase of the day have been a stunning brooch from Bettys Bygone Bazar. (Told you I alway find something!) The water blue stone catched me straight away, how could I say no? And catching up with her is so lovely. Then I met the lovely Sarah from London.Vintage. There are a few stores where I accidentally find myself browsing every time, and her own is one of those! As I said, I was lookig for winter pieces, and in fact, I bought a beautiful summer dress.. How to resist to an incredible embroidered fabric like that? The colors, the shape, the condition: everything was too perfect.


Last, but not least finally the vintage cardi! I came across TimeBomb_vintage, and I lost myself in a mix of vintage pieces. But there it was, the perfect knitwear, with an embellished beads detail all around. At the end of the day, it wasn’t really the winter shopping I was looking for, but I left with new old treasures!

I’d like to mention the amazing woman behind this pop up vintage fairs: Maxine. You can read about her inspiration and business here, but what I can say by experience, is that she is an incredible woman, very passionate and friendly. I think that she catched the soul of this events: creating a community around what she loves rather than only a shopping activity. And I’m very happy to be part of this community!

So, did I managed to inspire you to visit the next fair at St Stephen’s Rosslyn Hill, Pond Street, Hampstead, NW3 2PP? Save the date for December the 10th!!


Hope you’ve found this post useful and interesting. If you did don’t forget to like it and subscribe!


Darling Le Glam


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